I was all kinds of fired up for the NFL kickoff last night. I did the work I had to finish early, so I wouldn't have to do it late at night. And I plopped myslef down to watch the Jets take on the Redskins. I was a bit distracted by the presidential debate between several of the Democratic hopefuls, in New Mexico. What was weird was Gov. Dean answered so many of his question with direct quotes from the Sleepless Summer Tour stop in Bryant Park.

Yes there was lots of rhetoric, but lots on intresting things came out. Two things I know for sure Dennis Kunich and Dick Gephardt cannot win. Kunich is this weird little angry not as slick talking Ross Perot clone and Gephardt has this weird lazy eye. Not that there is anything wrong with a lazy eye, but it was creeping me out.

Back to football. The game was really good and exciting. Though it was so exciting I fell asleep as the Jets tied it 13-13, in the fourth. Whose idea was it to start a game at 9pm on a Thursday night? So Ani wakes me up as Madden and Michaels are signing off, Redskins 16 Jets 13. But what happened in that last ... few ... and the ... drive ... or was it ...

So I'm going to check to find out how they scored the go ahead tally. I really can't wait till Sunday, when the national Sunday Night game is the Oakland Raiders vs the Tennesee Titans, in a remacth of last years AFC championship game. WOOO!

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