I'm just going to top line my looong Labor Day weekend. Well it started with picking up Ani's parents at Newark airport. While there I was hoping to get cheap New Jersey gas, only to be horrified when it was $1.71 a gallon, which is better than 1.91 I'm paying in Queens. Luckily we found 1.61 gas a bargain.

Saturday was highlighted with dinner with the winners of the 1st annual Niel's Inner Web Dinner With Niel contest. Actually Jennifer and Renzo came over for Penne al la Vodka and sausage. It was very tasty! I think I'm having some left overs of it for lunch today. We played a really fun game of Taboo.

Top Causes of Divorce for American Couples
  • Infidelity

  • Children

  • Taboo

  • Financial

  • Political

  • I've played Taboo only with couples and I'm pretty much sure that no of those couples, yells at each other as much as they do while playing that game. Damn you to hell Milton Bradley. another highlight of Saturday was me finally finding a copy of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters melee for the X-Box. So much fun. Sometime this week the guys need to come over and we can destroy several city locations.

    I wonder if Dave had any car problems going to football camp. Because Mike had a dead battery going down to Atlanta, or Hotlanta as he insisted on calling it, and Kelvin had some weird tire issues heading to Michigan. I'm listening to this weird album of rock bands doing children’s songs, my highlight of course is Cake doing "Mahna Mahna" and if you are old enough to remember the Muppets show you remember this song. It’s my favorite. Not that anyone cares at this point my long awaited blackout page is almost designed. It’s going to look neat and there will be a link off of this blog.

    On Sunday, Ani, Ted, Maria and I went to this Scandinavian festival, out in Waterloo New Jersey. The place was awesome, streams, old houses, deer ticks. But the Scandinavians were very disappointing. Lots of racists Swedes talking about race riots, and not enough Viking on Viking violence. Did I see any ships getting ready for voyage? No. Any through of axes towards the long pigtails of a fair wench? No. Any Vikings fighting each other to the death, because one of them told the other that his grandfather died of old age and is not in Valhalla? No. But it was fun to get out of the city and not have to drive. Ted and Maria's new car is neat.

    More Later
    - Mom's Birthday
    - The Disney Icebox

    Parting Question!
    How hot was the Britanny Spears-Madonna kiss on the VMA's! (Ok it is more like a statement of fact)

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