It’s been a daunting few days. With Ani spending the weekend in the hospital, she's much better now and well on her way to living a healthier life, I've been overly stressed. Not only at home but at work. End of fiscal year/ big book fair in Germany, my head feels like its in a vice grip. Not really with the time to elaborate I will make a few quick points to cover the past few days.

- Saw WB11's Marysol Castro live in Union Square, she was wearing a skirt, holy fuck does she have nice legs. Time to get her out of the stupid helicopter, and into the studio for days when the people from Crunch gym are demonstrating the stripper’s workout!!

- Pier 1 has some nice stuff in it, despite the fact that the store reeks of flavored candles. It actually smells like my living room did the night of the black out as I burned dozens of random smelling candles.

- There seemed to be an awful lot of people in the emergency room of Beth Israel hospital with intestinal problems. The two non-intestinal highlights were a drunk guy named "Rafalski" who reeked of booze and apparently had fallen down and had this massive cut on the back of his head. He was calling for his nurse, a big black guy wearing white that he kept calling Professor. I over heard a doctor telling him not to drink any more alcohol this weekend.

"No more alcohol this weekend? Its only Friday night!

- My other favorite patient was this big dude who had a scratchy Vin Dieselish voice. HE came in with paramedics and his head was wrapped in bandages. I overheard the EMT tell him don't worry about it the Police will take care of it his reply "Oh some one will take care of it." Then he was calling up his boys telling him about getting jumped by 8 or 10 guys and eventually getting hit by a bottle of beer. I'm sure he was just an innocent bystander. He was wearing a red shirt, but you could still see that it was soaked with a combination of his blood (and probably the blood of others) and iodine. He also had this thick gold chain with a cross on it, and it was encrusted with blood. This guy was very metal. At one point when he felt he wasn't getting enough attention he took off his bandages, and yelled at the nurses. He had three small cuts on his head. Dude, your not even bleeding anymore, sit down and shut up.

-Despite arriving at the hospital at 2:30pm, Ani got a room at approximately 12:15. It was a nice room with an old Hispanic lady in it. Ani had the window and that first night she had a great view of the Empire State Building. After they started a very graphic procedure on her I got the call that Mike was outside to take me home. I came back the next morning and stayed all day, she had started have "movements" and they wanted to see how food would effect her. I saw how food effected me, I went to this Indian restaurant that sold Nepalese food, and I had a Tibetan specialty called "momo". I don't recommend it. It was basically undercooked chicken dumplings with some sort of gross chutney. That night after watching lots of the food network with Ani, Mike picked me up in his new car "the purple people eater". How Mike "Working is for suckers" Vuolo can afford a new car is beyond me. How he has money in the bank form unemployment checks is amazing, I guess with no real expenses. Anyway the next morning as I'm preparing to go to the hospital Ani calls and tells me that she is being discharged at 11:30, and to bring pants. So I start cleaning up the minor mess I have made of the house in her 2-day absence. And drive over to the hospital. Clue #1 that Ani is well -- Lets go to Pier 1. We picked up the above-mentioned glasses, a new table runner for the coffee table and a really neat bowl for popcorn. She's doing so much better now; she has a new diet that we are both adhering to. And if you see her drinking something other than water, you have my permission to chastise her about it.

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