Oh dear God the jet stream has appanatly dipped down and has sent an Alberta Clipper down to my desk. It is freezing here, or maybe I'm getting sick? I am wearing a sweatshirt. I should go get a cup of tea or something.

Being September 11th, its really weird around New York. There was a mostly ignored moment of silence on the L train this morning, in Union Square there were several bagpipers in ful regalia, or just a bunch of fat guys in dresses, and the streets seemed just less crowded. Maybe people are just freaked out by the anniversary, who knows.

This being tired all the time i pissing me off. I need to be rested, but I also have lots of things to do, both here at work and at home. I want to golf this weekend but forcasted rains mught wash out those plans. Lament. The scout year is just about to begin, and hopefully I can get myself rested up before the first meeting. I doubt it. Anyway, I have work to do, maybe I should start a fire or something under my desk.

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