This posting can be used for and or against me when I run for political office in the future.

- I don't think all homeless are filthy
- I don't think they are all insane
- I don't think they are all addicts
- Mike and I agreed on a matter of politics (has hell frozen over?)
- I don't think handouts from passerbys is the answer to the solution
- The homeless aren't all lazy ... but some are

On Saturday me and the Troop helped clean up parts of Jamaica Bay. And it was fulfilling work, the day was beautiful, we saw one of the last ever flights out of JFK of the concord. The work, picking up trash and documenting it, the rangers were so much more into the documentaion of the trash than the actual pick-up. I joked to Mike that "aren't there prisoners who could do this?" But in all seriousness, why couldn't they get some of the homeless and put some of them to work. The city/state/federal govenment could come up with an agreement with some bank, that would let the homeless collect a paycheck and allow them to open up an account without proper documentation, or even just cash their checks. This could help get some of the homeless back on their feet, or so they would have money to buy their booze if thats what they want to do with it.

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