With Air 11 groudned because of torrential rain, the lovely Marysol Castro did her traffic reports from Union Square agian, and once again I had the opportunity to stalk ... I mean watch a true pro at work. Unfortuantly the weather conditions that brought her into Union Square also kept New York's Sexiest Newsperson sequestered inside the news van. I think it's time for the WB to make a change ... dump dead weight Lynn White and Linda Church and move Sukanya Christian and Marysol into their slots.

I ordered a gift for someone online, they aren't going to recieve it for quite a while. It was actaully shpped before the payment went out, which reminds me I have to leave them feedback. But I had ordered a new backpack for camping and according to Fedex it i still in San Jose CA, with an expected arrival of Friday. That's cutting it close, especially with teh fact that I'm leaving for camp on Friday.

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