As I was waiting for the train this morning, I had a revelation that the family of the kid who died while surfing on top of the C train on Monday will probably sue the city. And I'm sure that the cost will fall onto us the subway riders.

I swear this if my fare goes up, right after the family is awarded hundreds of millions of dollars, I am suing them!! I know its controversial, but the city (and more improtantly me) was not involved in the death of this 14 year old.

They will say "there is no warnings about it posted" ... oh really what about the signs and the flashing lights that say riding outside the train or even between cars is dangerous. They lock the doors in between cars now, so dumb punk kids dont do anything stupid.

"Oh he didn't know better" ... so I have to suffer because some kid was a dumbass? They should sue the schools because they obviously didn't teach him to have any common sense.

I know its a tragedy, and surfing on top of moving vehicles can be cool ... Teen Wolf ... but it is also stupid ... Teen Wolf Too.

So don't sue the city, greive, let Mayor Bloomberg come to the funeral. Have him promise to make the trains safer. He can commission a new poster or two and then we are done with it. $2.00 a ride is enough already!

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