For a day that was supposed to be all chillaxtion at work … it has been pretty full and busy. Hmm.

Everyone around here is getting ready to move there crap into their new offices, I don’t think anyone but people not moving have talked about making books around here in weeks. But I’m not complaining.

So Friday in preparation for the Frankfurt book fair, I was here at work until 7:30 helping my boss get stuff together. The suitcase she carried all the stuff in was so freaky heavy; at least I don’t have to carry it. Motorhead is a good listen to at work band.

Saturday Ani and I went to a Pumpkin festival all the way out at exit 67. If I knew how far it was when I came up with the idea, maybe we would have done something closer. It was neat we saw cows and llamas. We saw a young child get scared of a turkey. It was cute when it was a 2 year old, not sad like when it happened to Squiky. We went through a corn maze, or as the Native Americans and Mexicans would say a Maize Maze.

On Sunday we experienced Flug Tag, which is the German word for “Day of Flight”. Sadly there was no flight at the Red Bull FlugTag. Mostly maniacs in wacky costumes and a crazy “flying” machine jumping off a 30-foot pier into the Hudson River. My favorites were the Flying Mozart’s, who though being Austrians couldn’t make a piano fly. They were very able to get the crowd cheering and falling into water. I was also a big fan of the Mighty Whirl, which was a Might Mouse themed unit. They launched their bike-powered chopper off of an extra 35-foot ramp. Awesome.

Now I’m here at work talking about the Tiger found in some dude’s apartment and the mauling of Roy Horn of Siegfied and Roy fame.

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