It was a big night last night. I was heading out to buy a 9-volt battery for the fire alarm, when I see this guy flying up 63rd street on a motorcycle. It was white with a red stripe; he zoomed by all wobbly. I see out of the corner of my eye, a maroon minivan at the stop sign, on the 59th ave corner. Before it happened I had taken out my cell phone to dial 911. The van was crawling into the intersection, and the bike was going, the van broke and the bike tried to swerve out of the way, but he couldn't get out of the way and they collided. I saw the rider fly over the hood. And then you heard a screech and crash; I was already heading down the street as I was connected with 911.

All the potheads from the park came running out and were yelling at the poor bastard in the van. The rider bounced over the hood and onto the concrete, though there was a large crowd around him, I saw him move his arms and legs; he was fine. Two fire trucks, two ambulances and eventually two police cars got there. I spoke with an officer and gave him my account of the event. Unbiased and factual.

Lessons learned
  • There should be some sort of stop sign or speed bump or rumble strips on 63rd street, because it is really hard to see down the block turning left form 59th ave.

  • I probably should have ran over quicker and taken control of the scene

  • Those punk ass bitches from the park, don't realize that recklessly driving their motor cycles, and mopeds and un-street legal cars, is unsafe and making my insurance rates go higher. Hey kids wonder why males under 25 can't get insurance at a decent rate?

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