So its moving day, and its total chaos over here. Not like the punk band but bad chaos. Its funny when something is for you, your habits completly change. There's this woman who works wth me who is the laziest and bitchiest person in the entire Disney corporation. She is finally moving into an office this morning, and when I arrived at 9am guess who was already here getting the move going. Wow how prompt, now ask her to print some shit out for you.

Nobody thought about the effect that the move would have on people. Forget how noisy it is here but it is so dusty, I was sneezing like no body's buisness earlier.

I'm not putting a link to this page, but I think you should try to find it. Click on the "rate this site" link in the sidebar, and that will take you to, when you get there, go to "What's hot" there is this blog called Self Improvement in Masterbation. Its a page by a teenage girl, with the title "a modern day Anne Frank", which is offensive in its own right, and the title which was ripped off from a line in Fight Club ... I'm sure she got it from the book ... is so inappropriate for a 15-year-old girl's website. 15-year-old's shouldn't be trying to improve themselves, they are stillin the process of wrecking themselves. Ughh!

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