So the scout thing at the Diamond club was very disappointing. We were told we needed to be there at 415. The event didn't start till after 630. That was bullshit. We were sitting around in some bar type room for that entire wait.

There were several cool moments. When we got there the elevator was full, there were two or three workers wheeling up this gigantic, laundry basket, filled with bats. There were a bunch of "31"s and for some reason I distinctly remember seeing "47" (Joe McEwing). That was pretty neat and upstairs at the Diamond club; there was the Mets Hall of Fame. They had busts of great Mets from the past including Tom Seaver and Casey Stengal to more modern day heroes of yore like Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter and Mookie Wilson. Additionally they had the 69 and 86 championship trophies. So cool.

I think what stood out most for me was one of the other scouts who were in the honor guard. I think his name was Ben; he was from Troop 1 in Bayside. Ben is in high school, is a Star Scout and went to Philmont this past summer. Ben's mother was there. She was making lists of all the scouts who were there, so they would all be properly credited. She talked endlessly about this counting as service hours etc etc. A kid going for Life scout shouldn't be doing service as being in a stupid color guard. They should be out doing food-drives or helping another scouts Eagle project.

Not that I don't think parents should be involved in scouting, they should it helps them bond. But when the parent is so obsessed with their scout’s advancement, the scout losses. What good is becoming an eagle scout if all the other kids hate you?

I know that advancement wasn't the most important part of my scout life. I was about having fun, doing cool stuff and hanging out with my friends. Three of the five guys in my wedding party were in scouts with me. And there were at least four other guys at my wedding who were scouts at the same time as me. You don't buy $50 dinners for people you don't like, and who don't like you.

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