Thank God Marysol Castro was back on the WB11’s morning newscast, this morning. And they made mention that Marysol should have been in the studio to do some dancing with the people from Crunch gym … I wonder who said that first. Nobody wants to see Flabby McGee (Linda Church) shake it.

We had a bake sale this weekend for the Scouts. And I think we did well, Ani’s chocolate chip bunt cake and cookies sold pretty early. Despite the rain and the nearly empty church we sold everything.

I know I haven’t been to church in a while, but at what point did they change the ‘our father” to a rocking jazz ditty? It seems a tad weird to me.

Mr. Dowd was sitting next to me in church, and I was beginning to realize what my discontentment with scouting is about. Mr. Dowd, since the time I was 10 1/2 has been like a seragate father to me. I’ve often gone to him when I have had issues, or needed someone to talk to, and He’s always been there to encourage and guide.

Recently he was talking to me about a piece I wrote nominating someone for an award. And was complementing my writing, and it made me feel justified in what I was doing. And it’s weird that after all these years, I’ve been an adult leader in the troop longer than I was a scout at this point and I still can’t call him anything other than Mr. Dowd. I guess he’ll always be that influential male role model of my early life, and somewhere inside me I’ll always be that plump 10 year old.

I’m glad I’m writing this because it’s nice to say something nice about someone when they can actually still hear it, rather than when they are gone. But going back to my original point, I don’t see myself getting that same bond with the scouts, that he has with me and countless others. It makes me wonder why I’m even doing this anymore.

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