Tomorrow is moving day here at work. The movers are here helping pack boxes, and laying down weird wood surfaces to roll furniture over the rugs. And it seems that everyone who is moving, is all giddy and joking with the movers. Whilst those of us whom are staying put, are absolutely annoyed at the whole loud loud process.

I’m sure the perfect escape from this madness will be two hours in the gym with the scouts running around playing sports. I gotta look up “quiet” games for scouts.

I like No Doubt as much as the next guy, unless that next guy is trying to get into the pants of 16 year old art students, but this dude on the bus this morning was blaring the song "I'm Just A Girl" on his walkman. But you say Niel he's not the music director for Z-100, alas he probably is not especially considering that he got off the 59 bus near "Pumps", but he had a MP3 cd player, so he knew exactly what he was listening to. Fat fuzzy dudes in shiny blue shirts aren't representing Girl Power.

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