Every now and then you get surprised by a piece of equipment. While at camp this weekend it was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. My Merrill boots finally died. After 7 years, over 150 nights at camp, and several storms of the century, these loyal companions are ready to be engulfed in flames and sent to be with the great boots of warriors in Valhalla.

While playing football, the front just gave out and it looked like flapping lips. Mike gave me some duct tape, and that held it together for the weekend. And actually kept my feet really warm.

The MVP of the weekend was the space blanket. Also known as the “emergency blanket” the space blanket before this weekend was an over glorified, piece of aluminum foil that everyone kept in their packs, never to be used. My space blanket probably is older than most of this kids in the troop. While preparing our pre-Thanksgiving feast we needed something to wrap around the fire place to keep the heat in to properly cook the turkey and not poison all of the kids, For six grueling hours Pete’s emergency blanket withstood indirect heat, and we all enjoyed a plump juicy turkey, Sadly when used as a liner for inside the fire place, it went up in flames very quickly. The space blanket a Real American Hero.

  • Kids these days are lazy fucks. I blame over coddling by their parents

  • Trisket makes a good ingredient for stuffing

  • My apple cobbler, not only was it timed perfectly. It ruled all!

  • Camp-Masters and most other adult scout leaders are just plain idiots and should be sent out to a field and shot. I am not talking about the other adults I went camping with this weekend, nor any of my old scout leaders. Just others. I think some of you know whom I’m talking about.

  • The dinner Saturday night was easily among the 4 or 5 best meals I ever had at camp … it wasn’t steaks by Lee, but it definitely wasn’t “niel slop”.

  • The last few times to Alpine, wild Turkeys ran wild. Where were they this past weekend?

  • Pete I honestly thought the pepperoni was beef.

  • Those wounds, the horror ... ughhh the horror.

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