Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Usually I'll eat several plates of turkey and what not. I ate two, one Thursday and one yesterady. And both filled me up like nobodies business.

So last night I was watching XXX with Vin Diesel. A good movie, I like to watch a few moments everytiem its on. Then as I flipped through stations the Cartoon Network was showing an Iron Giant marathon, also staring Vin Diesel. Hmm odd then flipping over to Sci-fi guess whats on? Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. What the fuck is going on. I didn't see all of Pitch Black but it loooked good, I'll have to find the dvd from someone.

While I was out at Mike's house yesterady, doing a three TV halo matches, Ani went to Target to pick up some stuff. She saw a good deal on a digital camera, and bought it. I was not pleased taht she bought a camera without consulting with me first. But she did very good. It is a Vivitar 3.3 Megapixel digital, with zoom, and what not for $88. Unfortuantly it takes Secured Digital cards. So I was looking at prices online last night and they were similarly priced to Compact flash etc. I went out to best buy and they were selling a 256mb card for 49.99, regualrly 109.99. Considering that teh 128mb were 79.99 I think I did very good. No film delevolping for our trip, I'm pretty psyched.

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