It's just about football time on Sunday, and looking back it was a pretty good weekend so far. On Friday Ani, Mike and I went to Ted and Maria's place to hang out for Halloween. We got so lucky because we found parking practically right in front of their apartment. And if you've ever been in Astoria you know what kind of feat that was. We snacked on some good food, and watched Halloween. It was not that scary, it was more funny, than anything else.

Mike and I had planned on going to see Johnny on Saturday morning, after a stop at Campmor. As we got into Mike's car Friday night his phone rang, it was actually Johnny. One of his relative shwoed up, and now he was scheduled to be released on Monday. That was very good news, but Mike and I would still trek out to Yonkers for a visit anyway. The three of us stoppped at Stop and Shop to pick up a few things, on the way home. Down in the parking lot was this drunk, who was yelling like nobodies buisness. It was nearly midnight. He didn't start anything, and I wasn't in a bad mood, but boy I totally could have seen myself beating a drunk with laundrey detergent.

So the next morning, Mike and I went to Campmor, and unlike other camping stores, Campmor is liek a camping supermarket. This is where you go when you are going on a long trek. They didn't have the gloves Mike wanted so he picked up a new flashlight. We went to the EMS next store and there were these great puppets. I guess you had to be there, but holy shit were thewy funny.

Then we were off to Yonkers, when we got there they let us right in. Ani had packed up some cupcakes and candies for Johnny. I hated the smell of the place, I always have hated the smell of a hospital, I don't think its the smell of sickness but the ultra-clean antiseptic smell that poorly tries to mask the reek of illness. After being sent to the common room, a few minutes later Johnny came out. He was a little fuzzier facially than we are used to him being. But no more unkempt than Mike or I. His hair was a little longer, his cloths didn't seem to fit right. But all in all he seemed ok. He wore a brace on his left wrist, from where the hand-cuffs had hurt him.

I was encouraged by this visist. Maybe because he knew he was getting out in 2 days. Maybe because he had a plan of what he wanted to do, when he got out. Though he was always soemone who jumped around alot, with his thoughts, but he was in real high gear. What was crazy (pardon the pun) about it was he really helped Mike and I brainstorm ideas for our comic. That was bizzare. Its sad though, there were other patients in that room, who were so much worse off than Johnny. And I don't know if they can ever get better, I'm not so sure if Johnny will ever truley be better. Or if he's just smart enough to play the game.

  • The movie Love Actually, was pretty good. Ani cried in the first 2 minutes, and I was like oh no. But it was fun and clever and for the most part well acted (for shame Liam Neasom). I think this movie will be a fairly successful theatrical release, and a HUGE success in Video/DVD.
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