Normally I don't make postings about wrestling, but after last nights Monday Night Raw, I saw what I never thought I would see. A "Divas" steel cage match.

The evil and psychotic Victoria, who is my favorite Diva, took on returning fan favorite Lita in the opening match of Raw. This episode of Raw was "Raw Roulette" meaning all the matches had stipulations, and they were in a steel cage. I had never seen two women battle inside a steel cage. But holy shit was it entertaining. It was wrestling, it was T&A, it was a girl-prison movie all packed into one.

Both of these women went full force. They threw each other into the thick parts of the cage not the regular chain link part that the guys normally do. Victoria got the victory when Lita's ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy Version 1, interfered. But as I told Ani, all WWE women's title matches should be inside the cage.

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