Do you watch local news? Why?

I watch the WB11 morning news. For many reasons, I like playful banter. I love the name Sukanya. Their backup weather man Joe Coffi, I am convinced is a robot from another world. The anchor man, John Mueller is a Mets fan, though is actions during the playoffs made me wonder. They tell me about the weather. Entertainment reporter Emily Francis, has wonderful breasts and loves to show them.

But the real reason is my playful obsession with WB11 traffic goddess Marysol Castro. Not only is Marysol, hot, the Daily News listed her as amoung the hottest in NYC, but she is from New York. Often when the weather is bad, I hope that she is doing a remote form Union Square, or Times Square. Today I brought the camera, because I figured she was on location, because of the rain. Sadly she was not in Union Square. The one time I saw here there, she was wearing a skirt and as I said earlier great great legs.

I have realized that Marysol Catsro equals hits! Every morning after the WB11 morning news there are hits looking for Marysol, Marysol Castro, "Marysol Castro", Marysol Castro nude. The searches are from all the different search engines. But it gets people in the door. But I will still be out there trying to get pictures of Marysol, Ani has even given me permission to get a picture of me passionatly kissing Marysol, for the site. Ani is a team player, though I am not sure how comfortable I am with doing that.

Completly off topic sometime today, I went over 500 readers. Over 100 different readers and 400 additional hits in one week!! Wahoo. This site is the Dean's Peanuts

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