Responding to COMMENTS

In response to my posting about the Mets Curse on the Yankees
Mike K said -- "Hmm the Yankees won over 100 games this year, while the Mets lost almost 100 games. The Yankees won the AL Pennant in one of the greatest playoff series ever. And you think the Yankees are cursed?"
Yes the Yankees are cursed; the Yankees and the Mets along with all the other teams (sans the Marlins) lost this season, at least the Mets had no delusions of being winners.

On Mike's sleeping habits
Dave said --"christ dont you guys ever sleep?? why the hell are you reading niels blog at 200 in the morrning?"
Mike V. Said
"Thursday, 1:02 PM, Dave, were you writing that from work? -gasp!-

At least I'm not abusing the trust of those someone who willing to pay me. You ingrate, you don't realize how good you have it. Why, if I had a job I wouldn't spend the day on the internet! Oh no, not me, that'd be wrong..."

I think we all know, that Mike would be trying to set up a Halo game on the LAN

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