this was in today's Yahoo news
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A Singaporean police sergeant has been jailed for two years for having oral sex in a country where prostitution is legal but oral sex is not, a newspaper reported Friday.
The Straits Times reported that the 27-year-old police coast guard sergeant landed in court after a 16-year-old reported to the police that she had performed oral sex on the man.
She was above the age of consent and agreed to perform the act, but oral sex is against the law in the city-state, the paper said.
"The act by itself is an offence. It is not a question of consent or no consent. Even between consenting people, it is an offence," criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan told the paper.
The maximum punishment for the offence is life imprisonment.

And need we not forget that the best president any of us will see in our lifetimes William Jefferson Clinton was impeached because he was getting blown by a plump intern. What is with this insane worldwide conspiracy against oral sex! I remember there being some law in the Commonweath of VA. technically outlawing the act.

Oh we live in sad sad times. I think the problem is that in Singapore a cop is charged with getting blown by a 16-year-old prostitute, I guess if he was fucking her in the ass it would be a-ok? Oh dear lord could you picture this ...

SENATOR: Mr. President did you have sex with this woman?
CLINTON: I did not have sex with this woman, Lewinsky
SENATOR: So no vaginal penetration?
CLINTON: Of course not
SENATOR: Was there any kind of sexual touching?
CLINTON: Senator did you say sexy touching or sexual?
SENATOR: I said sexual, but the question covers both
CLINTON: Once again I'd like your defintion of sexual and or sexy touching
SENATOR: Well Mr. President ...
SENATOR: Did you engage in any oral sex with Ms. Lewinsky?
CLINTON: I'm not sure that is definable as sex, then no.
SENATOR: I'm embarased to ask this ... umm did you and Ms. Lewinsky engage in any anal sodomy?
SENATOR: Please Mr. President we need an answer
CLINTON: Mrs. Clinton and I have boundries. And the third input is out of bounds, so no I don't consider anal to be sexual relations.
SENATOR: You didn't answer the question
CLINTON: Yes I did
SENATOR: Yes you answered the question or yes you had anal sex with Ms. Lewinsky.

I am in no way imply that President Clinton "tapped" that ass.

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