Wow is today a long long day ... I can't believe its only 3pm. Aleve is good. I was telling my boss about my back and she suggested I try Aleve as opposed to Ecotrin. Aleve, with its blue, non-coated easy on the stomach exterior really works. When My Ecotrin runs out, I might get a bottle of Aleve.

Usually when my back doesn't hurt, a good cat like stretch in my chair, just releives enough to make me feel good. But when I'm trying to loosen it up, the cat stretch really hurts. I know my back problems have to do with my weight and I've cleared away my work out space, but I'm too weak to work out at all. I'll probably try to suck it up and at least go on the bike tonight.

Maybe the work out will get me sleeping like a normal person again.

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