Yesterday I ordered our Seattle tickets. I think Ani and I are really excited about the upcoming trip. We deserve the time away from it all.

I realized that I start so many of these entries with the word "So" that can't be grammatically correct. But I think that is the way I speak, much like my emails that start with the word "Hey."

Work is so boring today. But there is so much stuff still to do.

With roundtable, a district committee, troop committee, two meetings and a pancake breakfast I've had 6 scout activities in the past nine days. That is too much. No wonder I've been exhausted. I don't understand these guys who are so into scouting (for instance) who go to at least 3 meetings a week, and go camping or to trainings, or to district bowling, or distric blah blah blah every weekend. I couldn't imagine that kind of schedule. Anywho I've still got work to do.

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