Despite being pretty bummed about the shabby treatment the ICs got about the Christmas Party it was a real fun time. Here are the highlights of the night.

  • The food was excellent at City Hall, which we rented the entire place.

  • The gift was a really cool snow globe

  • They made this awesome Rum Punch. I had two, I could have had a dozen. But I didn't want to get fucked up

  • I met new and intrestring people from other departments

  • The talent show was really fun

  • Cheryl's preformance in the office was better, but she still got my vote

  • Laverne might be right about Sandra

  • This woman Eileen, gets all kinds of wacky when she has a Margarita (her favorite drink)

  • Before I left for the party The president told my boss we were getting an intern in January

  • I was able to get a cab back home without any effort

  • When I got home, Ani had chocolate pudding pops

  • My Jeremy Schockey figure had just come in

  • Good day for Niel indeed.

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