A funny thing happened at the mall today

So I went to the Manhattan Mall at lunch time today, to pick up the two last gifts on my list. And as I'm in the world's tiniest Lids, I literally bump into Dave. He was looking at hats on his way back from Albany. So not finding what we needed in any of those stores, I eventually got one of the gifts at Brookstone. Dave was looking at some bizarre gardening set. He eventually picked up this tool that looked like a torpedo, or some bizarre jumbo silver and green dildo. I am paying at this point, and calls for me "Niel what the hell is this used for?" The girl who was the cashier said "most people use it to loosen the earth ... but I use it for something else." Then there was a weird silence, Me and Dave looked at each other. She then covers herself by saying that she uses it to get the people off the message chairs in the front of the store. Get the "people" off indeed.

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