Happy Birthday to me ... to Niel's Inner Web ... more hypocracy from the White House

On Sunday I turned 29. So in reality that isn't that old. Most of my co-workers are in their 30s and 40s. But as I struggled out of bed with a blinding backache this morning I felt 10585 days old.

The "Nielfest `03" began on Saturday night, when we had some of the inne circle over. It was really nice, Ani cooked up a storm and everything was delicious! The wings were spicy and crispy (thanks Martha Stewart!). Right before we started a game of "Hillarium" I mentioned I had a bottle of imitation Absynth. Squilky and Kelvin were all into trying it. So we broke out the sugar cubes and headed for 1920s Paris. The Absynte smelled like black jack gum. And when it mixed with the water and sugar it became foggy and milky. It made my tounge really numb. But no halluciantions. Kelvin claimed he was buzzed after one. So we played Hillairum, and everyone had a good time as we all made lots of noise. I'm sure the people who live benath us didn't have as much fun, but who the fuck cares.

Around 1240, Ani annonces that it was my birthday. And we rejoiced!

About an hour or so after that, everyone headed back to their respective homes. And Ani went to bed, still not tired I watched some TV before falling alseep n the sofa.

On Sunday, we had dinner at Mom's house and as always how can you say anything bad about chicken cutlets and fettucini alfredo. Mmmm its just about time to heat some up for lunch.

  • I started the old Niel's Inner Web, around my birthday last year. I can't belive that I've stuck with this for the whole year. Bravo Niel.

  • I almost got pierced Saturday morning while shopping

  • Not to be too political, but On the Sunday morning news shows evey republican talking head was insulting Howard Dean because he said that we are not safer since we caught Saddam Hussein. This was the same day that we raised our Terror Alert level to Orange. Does Orange mean less danger than Yellow? No, I didn't think so. So the government is saying that we are less safe, but Howard Dean (who said it first) is just talking out his ass?

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