Motto for `04

So one of my co-workers I'll caller her Susie (because that's what I jokingly called her at first) was talking about her new motto for the upcoming new year. I thought it was a great idea, and said that I would steal the idea and claim it as my own. So here are some ideas for my motto. I have until midnight to choose one. Feel free to comment.

  • Ready for War in `04

  • Large and in charge

  • In debt no-more

  • Off the floor

  • Get yo asses on the floor in `04

  • Ready for more

  • Getting dirty before thirty

  • N is for action

  • Another meatball hero before the three-O

  • Which ever one I choose, I will stick with all year long. Unlike my 2003 pledge "A typo free `03".

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