New years wishes

I'm not doing any resolutions, because they are bullshit and you stop doing them after a week or two and feel like a loser by March. So the closest I'm getting to a resolution is I'll stick by my motto, what ever it may be. Anyways last year I wrote wishes for the new year for my friends once again I will do it. For Mike V- I hope that you find some fulfilling work and that you and Erin continue to have a great time together and that you both continue to help each other make themselves into a better person. For Mike K and Rachel - 2003 was a huge year for you guys I hope that 2004 and beyond make `03 pale in comparison. For Ted and Maria - you guys are the coolest people we know, despite your advanced age (and ours), and I just hope that all of your dreams together will come true. Ahh Kelvin - I wish (for the sake of the country) nothing bad goes down on your watch, which I know it won't. And I also hope that what I wished for you last year is coming true for you. For Dave - last year I made reference to you becoming a CK football coach, and what are you now? A CK football coach. Right now your life is going pretty damn peachy, so I hope that you get a better squad next year and that everything else stays pretty much status quo. For Mark- I hope everything continues going well with Becky and that you know that you and the rest of the US military is in our hearts no matter what we may or may not think of our Commander in chief. Ani- last year I wished I could provide better for you, and i think that I have fulfilled that. But for `04 I want to do even better, you've inspired my success and i thank you. I also hope you still do the thing you do while I do that other thing while your doing the other thing.

Last year I wished I could find a job, with some security. And a few weeks ago my freelance position became a staff position. And my future at Disney is looking real bright. As I write this I'm realizing my whole inner circle had a pretty good year this year. And I know that with our work ethic, drive and passion next year will be even better. Have a good and safe new year.

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