Seattle Friday Morning

Both of these last two posts will be incorporated into the big Seattle/Victoria BC post I'll be working on this weekend. But I had to make a quick post to stop all of you guys who are working for saying "Damn Niel and Ani, galavanting blah blah blah."

So we are on the Victoria Clipper on the way back to Seattle. I'm falling asleep, and then I hear "will passanger Niel Vuolo please come to the Duty Free area and Speak with Joel." What the fuck could they possibly want with me? Is it related to that inncident in the natural history museum? So I go over and Joel, who was one of the stewards on the way to BC and was now the guy in charge on the way back. He informed us, that our hotel in BC did not deliver our suitcases.

So when we got to port we found out that they will be flying our bags to NY. And as I type this I'm sitting in the clothes I wore yesterday, going commando as our underwear is drying in the laundrymat.

Needless to say, I can't wait to get back home.

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