Today is Disney’s NY Christmas party at some fancy shmancy restaurant downtown. There is somewhat of a buzz going on around here. We had the “Wrap –n- Role” party this morning, where we wrapped several thousand books to be given away to underprivileged kids. Which is good.

But there is a lingering uneasiness about the party. Apparently after Sept 11th, Disney stopped having very corporate events. They went more with small, fun events. They did bowling and skating the last two years. But its back as a Manhattan fortune 500 type event. Which I think is rubbing people the wrong way a little bit. Another thing that is making me uneasy about it is that the freelancers are not invited. As of this past Monday that doesn’t affect me, but how can you have an office holiday party and tell people who work in your building full time, some of whom have been here over a year or two, that they are not invited.

And being someone who just became eligible to go. I feel really weird about it. But hopefully it will be nice. Jody, who is singing at the talent show, gave a performance for the freelancers right near my desk. It was really nice, and you could see it was appreciated.

On a sad note Marcel the second of Alex’s crabs met his untimely death. He didn’t get nearly as far as “Baby Boy Maddox,” who made it all the way to the elevators, but Marcel got as far as the offices which is a good 15 feet. And considering that he was probably 3 inches long, that is far.

  • I was watching Sports Center last night, and they were showing Darryl Strawberry watching his sons college basketball game. Wow young Darryl is old enough to have a kid who is playing for the University of Maryland. Patrick Ewing’s son plays for Duke.

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