Why can't I have joy

As someone who thinks of himself as a writer I use my blog as my most current outlet for my writing. I get to write a little bit every day. People read it. People search for info on Marysol Castro. I think people enjoy it. I put the comments portion, because I love the feedback. I felt that was one of my favorite parts of the Blog. It made me know that people where reading. But now some unnamed people are ruining the blog for me, by commenting as me.

So far 13 comments about a posting, saying don't comment. So I was willing to stop blogging all together, becasue I don't want to have to deal with the hassel. But I like the writing aspect of it, so I'm taking off the comments. Maybe I'll put it back up when I feel this idea is no longer funny for all of you.

Thanks for making the blog suck just a little bit for me.

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