Winter Wonderland?

  • Its fucking snowing -- what is up with that shit!

  • It shouldn't be snowing yet, there are still 19 days of autum left

  • This morning Ani and I bought donughts fo my bosses birthday. We went to this bakery she went to as a kid "Kopps". I made an illegal U-turn on Metroplitan ave, when Ani sees the store and goes, "ohh Kopps". What I heard was "ohh Cops" and saw the beating of the 400 pound guy in Cinncinatti.

  • I watched Howard Dean on Hardball last night, and as much as some of his supporters annoy the fuck out of me. You listen to the man talk and you believe him, and not in a sleezy salemsan way. But in a way that says this man beleives every word he is saying, and if you don't like it he doesn't really give a fuck. But he'll listen to your opinion as well. We are going down a really bad path in this country, we totally need a man like Howard Dean.

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