After all the snows and freezing and re-freezing of the past few days, on Saturday after I dug out my car, I realized that it was hideous. So I too it over to the car wash. It felt great driving a nice shiny car. Even if it was just for the one day as we got another few inches today.

Last night we had Ted and Maria over for some drinks and Trivial Pursuit. I finally broke out the Magic Hat beer that Pat gave me. It was really good, very wheaty. And what's cool about the import from South Burlington Vermont is each bottle cap has a fortune underneath.

Don't Slave Away Until Your Grave

Ani and I decided to have another day at the movies ... Today's features at the Niel-n-Ani Odeon. Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo followed by the classic 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Nemo was really good, sappy but not overly. Ellen deGeneres was so funny. Last Crusade, a favorite of many and the final chapter of the original trilogy of Indiana Jones movies. Quite frankly they should just re-release those three instead of making a new one with a 60 year old ( 720 month old for those keeping count and I know you are) Harrison Ford. What is one of the sadder parts of the movie is the opening sequence with River Phoenix as a young Indiana Jones (note: not in his signature Leather jacket and hat, but in a 1912 styled Boy Scout Uniform, showing young Henry's rank of Life Scout). Just imagine what he would have become had he not drank and drugged himself to death.

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