Amor Descarado

the ad on the train was slightly different

They always talk about Spanish soap operas being more racy more extreme. I agree whole heartedly. I was on the F train last night (a more appropriate location I don't know) and I saw an ad for Telmundo's "Amor Descarado," which I think translates into "Thrown Away Love," but my spanish is horrible. Anyway, on the ad it had the big name of the show in the middle and two vignettes on either side. Both were generic Latin man in lots of cologne and tight pants (not shown) embracing Latin woman in tight though flowy dresses and thongs (also not shown). So the one on the left the woman is saying "Fuck me in my ass." Her english though vulgar was quite good.

The one on the other side may have been a little bit more distubing. The woman was telling her husband (it better have been her husband) "Stick your tounge in my asshole." Once again in perfect english, I am sure last time I checked these shows are in Spanish, this some bizzare advertising. Though I want to watch the show now.

So in conclusion, that ad was some racy stuff. Or was the speech just graffiti. I'm just not sure.

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