So last night Mike was the opening of his show at the Art Students League. He showed 5 paintings, including one of Ani and my favorite "Leroy". Unfortunatly Mike didn't come up with a prize winner this time. He'll get them next time.

They like to make the openings special, so they have all the students bring in wine/cheese/crackers/veggies. To class up the event. While Mike had to Phunkietize it. This year he served Pudding (chocolate and rice) in wine glasses, with little umbrellas. Mike is all about art. And when I say art I mean pudding products.

I though the art at the last show was much better. They had this one wall from the full-time class. And from afar the paintings looked really nice, but up close ughh. One that I liked was this nude heavy set woman near a red sheet. There was this really nice one, that was beautiful and sensual. But to its right were two other interpretations of the same model. Which kind of looked like a lumpy fat lady feeling herself up. Dave who is also in Mike's class but wasn't showing anything that night commented that the two less classy ones were probably more accurate.

So there was this old woman, who worked in the gallery who yelled at me for wearing my backpack when I first got there. So as we are getting ready to go, I have on my back pack and Mike's Stormwolf Studios shoulder bag, I am standing talking to Dave and Ani no more than 10 feet from the door. The woman says sir could you leave your bag by the door, "Oh I'm leaving" I say. We stood there for another 10 minutes, nearly motionless. And she asks again, Ani now responds that we are leaving, this old lady now claims that we've "been leaving for 40 minutes". And at this point we did leave. Here is how her request was inaccurate and innapropriate.

  • We were at the gallery for less than 40 minutes, so we are not standing there for taht ammount of time

  • I wasn't moving, so there was no chance of me knocking anything down

  • Mike barely works so the money for the pudding, which the old lady was eating, probably came from Mom's city pension, which comes from my taxes. So Thats my pudding your enjoying don't you tell me what to do!

  • Others had backpacks on

  • I am a perfoamnce artist, my backpack wearing is my art ... I'm so misunderstood

  • So as Mom, Ani and I left (Mike and Dave had class there that night) we ran into Erin in the lobby, I'm glad Mike is getting the support for his art that he deserves. And the rest of you who call yourselves Mike's friends where were you! FOR SHAME!

    So we get into Queens and the wind is howling, as you know I am a husky sized man and I was being blown all about (and not in a good way). It was the precurser to the freezing temperatures we have right now. I was wearing two hats this morning to work.

    The show goes all week for more details check out Mike's site.

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