Eli 2

You guys all didn't watch Sports Night close enough. Yes "Eli's Coming" is a classic Three Dog Night song about a serial adulterer. And the song has gained a reputation about something bad on the horizon. In Sports Night, the night that Casey McCall (Peter Krause) talked about the song, his co-Anchor discovers something sinister about his new girlfriend and show Managing Editor Isaac Jaffe ( Robert Guillume) suffers a stroke.

As Ani pointed out there was also a reference in The Royal Tennenbaums, when Owen Wilson's character Eli is coming to the wedding at the end, he is all hopped up on peyote and driving down the street, he yells out "I'm coming" right before crashing into the building killing Buckley, Ari and Uzzi's dog. He too was forshadowing something bad happening right on the horizon.

And this morning, there was just and un-easiness in New York, I don't know what it was. Maybe it was just too quiet, maybe it was my first day back to work since the only neighborhood Dunkin Donuts closed. I just don't know. And I find it quite odd that I am so lucid right now despite it being 1:34 in the AM. That nap I took this afternoon really hit the spot. Normally I don't nap in the day time, but today there was nothing stopping it. After I left work this afternoon, Ani and I went to Target to get a couple of new book cases. We find two one matching her cherry one and one matching my maple one, one landed on my right foot and hurt like nobody's business. So after picking up a few things, we went on line. We split up to see which line was going faster, luckily Ani's line was the way to go. The dude at the register seemed not to care, he rang up all the stuff, and gave a total, then Ani said and the bookshelves too. He takes the hand scanner and rings up one. And gives us our total. I looked at Ani she looked at me, we both played it cool. Went through security, the guard didn't seem to notice that there were two gigantic boxes in the cart.

Since we cant take the cart into the parking garage, I garb one shelf unit and carry it over, telling Ani that I'll bring the car around. I can't believe how far we parked from the door. Exhausted and sweaty I get to the car and spend the next 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get this book shelf into the skylark. Just by its name "Skylark" doesn't give off the aura of a heavy loading car. Anyway. I get it in and bring the car around we slide in the second one surprisingly easily. At this point my shoulders are burning. We make it home, I drag the two up stairs, now my knee has joined the chorus of sore parts. We sit down to watch the movie Adaptation, which was really good,and less than half way through I need to take a nap. I slept for about 2 hours and now I'm pretty wide awake. Hoorah! I'll pay for this tomorrow morning.

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