Eli's Coming

So, I decided that "Gettin' Dirty Before Thirty" will be my motto for `04. Except for the last 10 days when I'll be aimless and floating.

The city is empty today which is nice. I got a seat on the bus and train. I picked up some breakfast and there is a weird feeling I'm getting. I'm not sure what it is, but it can't really be good.

We saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, yesterday. Holy shit was that a long movie. I can't imagine, being one of those people who sat through all three in some bizzare marathon. The movie was good but the end was so drawn out. There were these young girls, or young gay guys I couldn't really see, who were squeeling everytime Orlando Bloom (or Orlando Jones as Ani calls him) was on the screen. And there was a shocked exclemation when you know who is crowned King of Gondor. Which was no surprise , if you payed attention to the first hour of Fellowship of the Rings. There were all these posters for the Hellboy movie, congrats go out to Ron Goldberg, whose Hellboy project is finally getting its due, you can read all about it at .

Marysol was back behind the desk after a 2-day hiatus. Her outfit today was weird, white shirt under blue sweater. Very preppie. Not all that flattering.

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