Flug 2039

You find some bizarre stuff when your searching some what aimlessly online. Actually I was looking for ISBNs for recommended books for my Suite 101 topic "Writing on the Web". My new article will be up soon. Anyways I was looking up some fiction books, in addition to writing books, and one of the books I was looking up was either Choke or Survivor from Chuck Palahniuk. I think I chose Survivor. But when I was scrolling down the Amazon page, I saw a book of Chuck's I had never heard of Flug 2039.

So being curious I click on the link. They have no info other than it came out in 2003, and its out of print. I think either Dave or I would have heard about this other book. But it seems weird, Chuck came out with two books in 2003, Diary and the travel book, whose name escapes me right now, but a mystery third. I looked and looked, and could find no info, though I found lots of sites in German. Some work came up so I gave up on it. So sitting here trying to figure out what to write about, I remembered Flug 2039. So I did another google search and found a link that would translate into English this is what I found.

Apparently through the very humorous broken English, Flug 2039 is a German Version of Survivor. Which I find so bizarre. I know the word Flug is German for flight (Much like my last name translates from Italian to Flight). The word was familiar from the Red Bull Flugtag, and Flugtag meant something about flying.But what does that have to do with the last surviving member of the so-called creedish deathcult? I was racking my brain, until I remembered the book starts and ends on an doomed airplane, I just checked out the book, Flight 2039 hence 2039. I wish I could find a cheap copy of Flug 2039, that would be neat to have.

So this was a weird day at work. Today was out interns last day, schoool starts again on Monday. I rembered when we were told she was coming, we were like what the fuck is she going to do? But in the three weeks she was with us, she took off so much burden from me, despite that it was one of the busiest three week spans I have had at work. But the stuff she was able to help us with, got us caught up on some stuff and ahead on others. But we are still behind on lots of stuff. Additionally I found out one of the more colorful personalities at DCP was departing. I think the writing was on the wall, one more screw up and she would be out. But she took another job, before she could be fired. Which is always good leaving on your own terms. Good luck both of you.

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