Fuck the Bloggies

Once again I have been over looked for a Bloggie. Those damn sons of bitches! After all the hard work and intentional misspellings. Yes people no one can spell TEH (the) wrong so many times is it weren't on purpose. It is a theme. Ughh the Bloggie acadamey can go to hell with there hi-faluten SxSW festival awards, there Starbucks drinking, knitting selves!

Editors note: Yes I am lobbying for a "Best Dissing of the Bloggie" nomination for next year

Depite my bosses being out of the office today, I have been exceptionally busy. I have a Suite 101 article to write, I can't since I have actual work to do. I'm typing this while I'm enjoying lunch. And as far as work goes I can't get everything done, if the freelancers don't send me the files I need. I swear to God, if that Rhode Island animal loving biotch sends me the last of the files at 5pm, I'm holding onto her check for an extra month. Believe that.

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