GDBT - part 1

I am really working hard at my new more in your face, don't let moments pass you by attitude and today I got to unleash it on an unsuspecting passerby. So Ani and I went to the Broadway Mall to get a few things at Ikea. As we passed by the the big open space in between the food court/Sam Goody and the entrance to Ikea, the swarm of people asking to take surveys descended upon us. We made the mistake of listening to them once, and ended up wasting an hour and a half eating candy that tasted like chalk. Since then I have always been polite to them. But always regret not saying something funny or clever.

So as we get near them, I'm raking my brain trying to think of something. And then this bizarre noise came out of me. Yehg yegh yegh. Along with the noise, came out my hand giving a shut your mouth type gesture. The sound was very Cosmo Kramer-esque. They backed off. Ani red faced turns to me and said "I can't believe you did that." I don't think it was in disgust, but more of a "you are going nuts."

One of the other women said after hearing Ani "You should be ashamed." Oh did I laugh. As we passed by the area again, the survey takers kept their distance. I was being avoided like the plague. Which was nice. Karma did get me back when I saw the conditions of the bathroom there. Yuck.

  • Kelvin, Dave and I played the original Guantlet on the X-Box for almost 2 hours straight. Ending on level 50, when we realized we could be playing this game forever.

  • The area righta round the Bedford Ave. stop on the L train is pretty swanky and hip.

  • If you haven't pick up a copy of the new REM best of. Though critically acclaimed, they truly are one of America's great rock bands.

  • Saw a Democratic debate on C-Span, and its becoming really obvious that Sen. John Edwards is kissing Gov. Dean's ass a lot. Hmm Dean might need a southerner to help him in the south, well golly John Edwards is from North Carolina

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