Friday cold was it

Wow is it cold outside, but its balmy here in my office. Apparantly they like to keep New York, Burbank and Orlando all the same exact temperature. Its called synergy! But outside, its is colder than a polor bears nose, the cover of today's Daily News, showed two Polar Bears from the zoo, both wearing parkas and drinking venti sized lattes from starbucks.

But the extreme opposite of my office is Ani's apparantly. A water pipe broke, so they have no heat and half of the office is flodded. Good times. Good times.

I'm getting really concerned about the Iowa caucus. Kerry and Edwards are sneaking up, gaining form the undecided voters. All the news channels were calling it a dead heat between Dean, Kerry, Gephardt and Edwards. seemingly the Clintons are trying to sabotage Dean. Pres. Clinton made commenst about him in USAtoday this week, and Clinton bitch Terry McCauliffe would not try to convince the rest of the DNC (Democratic National Commitee) that jumping hard on each other is counter productive. That the primary season should be about what each candidate is about, not digging up dirt that Karl Rove will use to help re-elect Dubya.

The Democractic establishment needs to sit all 8 candidates down and say stop acting like children (This should be a practice they do all the time ... maybe they should get the GOP handbook, they don't beat each other up in the primaries). Talk about your own views, talk about how you are different from President Bush, debate policy issues with each other, but don't throw the mud around. Do you think anyone is going to buy, Kerry or Liberman campigning for Dean? I think for the first time since I began supporting Dean, in the Spring of `03 I am worried about him getting the nomination.

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