Iowa p.1

No I'm not talking about a bad Korn album, today is the day the Dean, Gephardt, Kerry, Edwards, Sharpton and Kucinich camps have been looking to for months. There have been polls. And news stories. Three different front runners. But tonight Iowans cast the first votes.

In a little more than three hours, tea Owens will be convening at their caucus places and probably by 11pm EST, we'll know who won Iowa. Despite the recent surges by Kerry and Edwards, I still think that Dean has too many people on the ground in Iowa, to lose. I think that Dean could win big tonight. And that momentum from this caucus will kill some of the other candidates, Gephardt. But if it is close I could see all of the remainders staying around until Super Tuesday (Feb 3).

So I hope for a decisive win in Iowa, and then New Hamshire. To thin out the field, and so Gov. Dean can concentrate on an opponent from another party. Not one who will viscously disagree with him, and when they see that Dean's opinion is still popular, change their minds.

Ohh and tonight is also day one of American Idol! --BTW that was the gayest thing I've ever said on this blog!

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