Iowa p.2

In the past few days I've been preparing for something like this to happen. But I was so sure that it would not. Gov. Dean finished in Iowa third behind Senators Kerry and Edwards. I'm in a state of shock. In the spring when no one knew who Howard Dean was a third place finish in Iowa would have been great. But with all the momentum and becoming the front runner, anything other than a decisive victory was no good. Maybe this shakes up the Dean campaign a little bit. Maybe the core of Dean supporters go back to where we were in the summer, when we were ready to change the world, maybe we stop taking for granted that the nomination is locked up months before a single vote was cast.

The campaign is going to go into New Hampshire with bloody vengeance. Hopefully it works out better in New Hampshire, where the locals won't be fooled by the "new" John Kerry, and will know who Patriot Act signing, Blank check handing over, War in Iraq supporting, "old' John Kerry really is.

As I've been saying, I think its stupid how we Democrats over scrutinize our candidates. Like I just did, but tonight was just a little bit crushing. But even if Gov. Dean is not the nominee, I will be voting Democratic this November, and I will do all I can to send Pres. Bush back to Crawford.

Lastly as I predicted, at 9:54 EST CNN reported that Rep. Dick Gephardt has dropped out of the race after his fourth place finish in Iowa. I didn't hear all of his speech, but I don't believe he has endorsed any candidate yet. But how phony will it be, last week he's all over these guys in his TV ads and his mailings and all of a sudden " (Fill in Name) is a true man of conviction and I am sure, as sure as my father was a milkman and my mother a secretary that (Fill in name) will be the next president of these United States of America."

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