NFL Street

I am convinced that the people at EA Sports BIG know more about what makes a game great than probably any game makers out there. Probably the three best games I had played for the Xbox were made by EA Big, SSX Tricky, SSX3 and NBA Street Vol 2, and in the middle of the night this today, a fourth powerhouse joined the triumberant to form a mighty game quadrangle of power, NFL Street.

7 on 7. Raw. Hard.

Most video games have different difficulty levels, NFL Street has just one. And playing your own created team versus the computer is very much a challenge. Not set up the same way as NBA Street, this one gives you short challenges against NFL teams. Like scoring two rushing touchdowns and winning a game to 14, or score a touchdown and dive into the end zone on your first drive. Tough tough tough.

You are able to customize your players. And swap positions on defense and offense. So you can in my case make your linebacker self an offensive lineman, or running back. Its really up to you. Its really neat seeing this huge huge man run the sweep. I'm going to turn O-lineman Mike V into the QB just to mix it up.

I know Dave bought the game and will be practicing hard, since he's the only one man enough up here to play EA Big Games with me. That's right Phunkie and 8-ball go back to your little angel related games, and stand to the side while the big (no pun intended) boys play.

The starting line up

QB/DE: Pete Desmedt
RB/DB: Kelvin Gerold
OL/DE: Mike Vuolo
OL/DE: Dave Dowd
WR/DB: Mike Kraus
WR/DB: Mark Yedlowski
OL/RB/LB: Niel Vuolo

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