United States of Whatever or State of the Union Address recap

Tonight the Fox network couldn't show an extended episode of America Idol's three day season premiere. Or yet another reality show like "Who is dating the shemale", because of the State of the Union address. Actually maybe it was a good thing. No crazy Fox programming, and the negative backlash of Iowa is put to the back burner. The speech was 54 minutes long, and as entertaining as anything else that has been on TV recently here are some of the highlights. And yes I make fun of some Democrats.

  • Ted Kennedy was shown shaking his head and then laughing as what Bush was saying.

  • When Bush mentioned that parts of the Patriot Act will expire in 2005. The democrats side of the room erupted in cheers. Bush shot them a look that could kill.

  • Are Weapons of Mass Murder different from Weapons of Mass destruction?

  • What was with all the weird inappropriate grins?

  • He made a "commitment" to our brave men and women of the armed services. What about the kevlar vest many of them don't have? That republican Joe Scarborough has been talking up on his MSNBC show.

  • Many republicans were clapping very less than enthusiastically.

  • One congress man was reading a newspaper

  • Bush wants to protect businesses from what he refers toa s junk and frivolous lawsuits. This President protecting businesses? How unprecedented.

  • He is against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants (so am I), but is pushing for a Temporary Visiting Worker program, which would let millions of illegal aliens work in jobs that no Americans want. But not being citizens they probably are not going to pay any taxes on their wages. But if they were granted citizenship, their wages would all be taxed, and they too would be helping support this country re-building other countries but not this one.

  • Hillary Clinton, wasn't paying attention, until she realized the camera was on her and gave a big smile. She has the most horse like yellow teeth in the congress. Probably on the East Coast.

  • representative Charles Rangel was barely awake.

  • The last 15 minutes or so were very God-tastic

  • He really emphasized being against Gay marriage, and he was more assertive about protecting the sanctity of marriage, than he was about fighting terrorism and finding Osama bin Laden, who was never mentioned. But this makes sense since those airplanes that hit the World Trade Center were all members of a gay marriage cult on the way to Rosie O'Donell's Gay Cruise, not Al Queda operatives starting a jihad against America.
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