Yeah its snowing ... again

Want to learn to hate the winter? Have knee surgery. My knee hurts so much out in these frigid temperatures.

I wonder if learning to use that crazy palm pilot would make using this thing easier, than using the touch pad keyboard?

So we are expecting anywhere from 3-20 inches of snow. I can't believe we'll get anything close to twenty. But rest assured my fellow CK ROYALS that our Alma Marta will be closed, for the fourth or fifth snow day this winter. No wonder CK students are so stupid. And Dave is so good at every X-BOX game. For those of you who don't know CK is at the bottom of an ever stpening hill off of Metropolitan Ave in Middle Village. So when it gets too slick on the hill, they have to close down. During the years I was there I recall one such incident; there was water main break at the top of the hill, and sub 32-degree temps. Ahh the late 80s and early 90s, global warming at its best. I was just waiting for the 39 bus and the wind was going right through me. It almost seems too cold to snow.

As I left work, we were all joking about hoping NOT to see each other tomorrow. Which would be sweet, but we have so much to do, a day off is going to make us miss our dates. I guess I'm just seeing that people are quitting and being fired, and I want people to know how good I am just incase they are trying to hire someone from within.

ON a completly different subject, it appears that Dean has lost in New Hampshire. But he did much better, he narrowly lost to Kerry coming in second soundly beating Edwards, Clark and Liberman. He concession speach this time was much better. More "Presidential" , he showed a softer side. This speech showed that you can care about things without being angry. He was talking about the promise of America. The brave new world that men liek Martin Lutheer King Jr, and Bobby Kennedy were fighting for when they were gunned down. Hopefully he can take this more "presidential" attitude on the road with him, still inspire those people who he fired up, and convert some of those people he scared with his red faced yelling. The debate Thursday night in South Carolina is going to be a big one. If he can pull it off, this fight to the White House is far from over.

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