Cramping up - postcards from Iran

So I just had to hand write some stuff, no more than two or three lines on about 12 pages. And my hand feeling like I just hand wrote the new Webster's dictionary.Ouch!

Several weeks ago, I guess probably on or around Christmas, I wrote about a mysterious package we got from Iran. And no one wanted to open it, we sent it to get x-rayed and everyone left early on Christmas eve. This guy at work, the one who got the letter first, told me they opened it up and I had to see what was inside. So I went over to his area, and they had the letter opened, there was no Anthrax or Rancin or anthing, it was pictures of this guy in Iran, who loves Disney ( a grown man) and he is shown at his loom, looming Disney Characters onto pillows and throws. The jist of his letter was that he wanted Disney to save him and help him get out of Iran. I'm going to try to get the pictures and post them because it was pretty funny.

I told Rich that we should have legal send him a letter tellling him to stop making him pillows, because he is violating our copyright. Another jaded gen-Xer in the office also made the same suggestion. Wow my generation is full of jerks.

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