Gov. Dean we hardly knew ya

Before Governor Dean, I never really supported a candidate. I voted for the Democrat, because I’m not rich. But when I first read about Howard Dean last spring, I was instantly drawn to him. That is why today I am so disheartened that he has effectively ended his bid for the Presidency of the United States.

It was his enthusiasm. The buzz that he seemed to be creating. And of course his message. I latched on. I went to meetings, I went to rallies. Passed out fliers. Wrote letters to Iowans and New Hamsherites. I remember at my first Dean meet-up, there were twelve people in a Starbucks, including three high school students who wouldn’t be able to vote and a baby, I knew we were going to win and take back this country.

The other candidates were running on the platform of we are Democrats we should be President. Howard Dean gave the party an agenda. The Iraq war is wrong. Osama Bin Laden is still out there and we are doing very little to find him. Healthcare in this country is an absolute mess. The Bush tax cuts are irresponsible, they benefit only the rich and the young people of America will be picking up the tab for their entire lives. And these things can change if we want them to.

When we went to Seattle, we saw Dean posters everywhere. And I remember thinking as we walked around the ubiquitous homeless, that if Gov. Dean were President he would try to help these people. I don’t know if could, but he would try. The homeless don’t vote. The homeless don’t give $2000 donations; the GOP doesn’t give a fuck about them. And more likely than not, if you are reading this they don’t give a fuck about you either.

Going into the primary season it looked like a slam-dunk. I remember watching debates and seeing John Edwards backing down, and I told Ani that it looked like Edwards is kissing up to get on the ticket. And then the voters decided that Howard Dean wasn’t the guy. Maybe he went to negative, but you would too if the wolves were jumping on you and the DNC wouldn’t try to calm down everyone. That’s the one good thing about the GOP; they choose a candidate though still go through a farce primary. But the other candidates don’t attack the anointed one.

When he lost Iowa, and then the yell happened, I knew if he didn’t go and win New Hampshire he was done. And considering he had a 20-point lead. But alas New Hampshire chose Sen. Kerry. Who was now running on Dean’s platform. Kerry went on to win 13 of the next 15 primaries. I think there is still a battle between Edwards and Kerry that will be decided on Super Tuesday. But the fight was over for Governor Dean.

Gov. Dean who got young people excited about politics.
Gov. Dean who raised more money on the Internet than anyone ever has.
Gov. Dean who did as much for the idea of blogging and the idea of blogging did for him.
Gov. Dean who lit the fire that will help take back the White House.

Gov. Dean is still on the ballots in NY, CA, OH and the other states on March 2nd, I'm still going to vote for him. So he can bring lots of delegates to the convention, get a prime time slot to talk, and make sure whoever the nominee is remembers that they stole his ideas about changing America and now they owed it to America to stick with those ideas.

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