hockey night in New Jersey

As I mentioned a few days ago Ani got a pair of tickets to last nights Devils-Canucks game. She said they were box seats, when the tickets got to us, I found out they weren’t just box they were luxury box. Holy fuck, how cool is that!

So as I packed up Thursday morning, I made sure I had my Canucks jersey with me, the tickets (which I checked on easily two dozen times) and the camera. I knew I would be distracted all day at work, especially since I wasn’t planning on coming in today. I get off the train at Union Square. There is no Farmers market on Thursdays so its pretty wide open, then I see the walking Dunkin Donuts Latte. Without hesitation I take at the camera and start shooting.

Apparently they are trying to drum up business, and awareness for the new lattes. I think there whole venture into lattes is several, years late with “buckys” holding the market for several years now. Anyway the guy in the Dunkin Donuts scarf was giving away free samples, so I waited. I had the mocha one, ughh it was exactly what you would think a Dunkin Donuts Latte would be. I cannot wait until they reopen the DD on 6th and 14th. I might have to venture out into the rain just to get some.

So work was dull I was completely somewhere else. At the former Brendon Burn Arena. So Mike calls about 4, he’s in Hicksville and on the LIE, “I’m heading towards the bridge now”, he says.

“Call me when you get to the 59th street Bridge,” I respond. Thinking I have at least an hour and a half, I get back to work.

A half hour later my phone rings, “Dude I’m at the bridge.” Let me tell you from exit 40 to the 59th street Bridge is quite the haul. That young man is driving way to fast. I tell him to call me when he is close. A few minutes before 5 he calls, I’m at 23rd street come down. I pack up my stuff say goodbye to my bosses, put on my Jersey and head out.

A few minutes later I jump into Mike’s car, make one more check on the tickets, yes its very obsessive compulsive. And we were off. We got into Jersey really fast, and knowing that they wouldn’t be opening the gates until 630, we needed to kill time. So after stopping for gas, we got some McD’s. Luckily we didn’t eat that much there. After killing almost an hour, and seeing New Jersey street thugs with “Dirty South” shirts on, we headed to the arena. We totally missed the exit, and were now near the George Washington Bridge. We took the first exit and eventually got directions and headed to the Continental Airlines Arena. It was a glowing odd shaped building that we could see from the highway.

Mike parked the car and took off all his knives and what not. And we headed inside. We get through security, and are trying to figure out where our seats are. I ask some dude selling season tickets and he says it’s on the opposite side of the arena, and look out for a door that said 105. I guess the word “suite 105” really meant suite. There were quite a few people in Canucks gear; I had my jacket on not wanting to be disrespectful of the home crowd. What there was of it. Every Mets game I go to all you see is #31 jerseys, everywhere. Here it was #30 – Martin Brodouer. Despite being a home game Mike wore his red road jersey.

We get to our suite and open the door, this really friendly guy named Bob greets us, and I think it was his sweet suite. We are introduced to a bunch of other guys. Bob tells us there is food and drink, enjoy. It’s funny because right outside a hotdog and a soda are like $10, inside here free. The seats were like the best movie theater seats ever. The box was warm and was just to the left of one of the goals. It was quite inside but you still heard the sounds of the game. It was an ideal way to watch a game.

In addition to the hot dogs, chili, chicken fingers, popcorn, pretzels, cookies, soda, beer, wine, hard liquor they had a private bathroom. And in the third period with the game well in hand for the Canucks I used it with the rationale at most 15 other people used this toilet today. It was one of the best sporting experiences I have ever had.

It was really funny the biggest cheers all night were during the brief fight in the ice. It was weird because the two guys and thrown off their gloves and the refs were all circling around them and they did nothing. Every other sport the refs would stop two guys. Not in hockey.

So the game ended 4-0 Canucks, the Devils just didn’t seem into it. We thanked Bob and left. We made it home pretty quickly. And didn’t really spend too much money on the whole excursion. Both of us had a great great time.

Isn’t it a kick in the ass, I’m home from work today, and Marysol Castro is in Union Square, Why Me Lord?

As I’m here home alone today, I am so fucking bored. I’m doing stuff but no one is around, seemingly. At least when I was unemployed and sitting around I had a purpose.

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