I accuse you! Edward Cardinal Egan of being a hypocrite of the worst kind! This man who takes shots at same-sex marriage in today's Daily News, is the same man who has time and time again turned a blind eye to his own priests who sexually abuse children.

Cardinal Egan I challenge you to take a real stand for once in your life. If you are going to be against two consenting adults living together because they are of the same sex, you must publicly excommunicate and denounce your brother priests who abuse unsuspecting non-consenting children. Its time for the Catholic Church to stand up for the children and not sending these manipulative rapists to other parishes or to administrative leave for counseling but to prison where they belong.

But knowing how that system works, if you Cardinal Egan stood up for what ALL sane people know is right that you not the rapists pedophilia priests would be excommunicated.

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