NJ Nets - O-town - and what I'm listening to right now

Yesterday Ani tells me she got tickets to tonight's Nets game. They were the same sweet suite tickets from last time. Despite being horribly tired I saw yeah I'll take them, I call the newly engaged Dave he's down. Dave has a meeting afterwork, so he'll be a little later than originally planned, but that is ok, since I got so much extra work done, in an empty office.

To back track a little bit, around 3 o'clock Mike calls.
Mike: Dude
Niel: what's up
Mike (whispering): I'm in a bathroom at a starbucks. And I think there is a member of a boy band in side.
Niel: Really who?
Mike: One of the guys from O-Town
Niel: How do you even know that?
Mike: I gotta go

So it snowed all day long. But the road conditions were pretty good, and we made it to the arena in about 30 minutes.

another aside
I keep finding myself doing stuff that would cause college Niel to slap corporate tool Niel. So after Dave called that he was down stairs, I called the garage that I parked my car at to have my car out, since I'd be there very soon.

We got parking and went in. The parking lot was a lot fuller than it was when Mike and I went to see the Devils. The Nets are on a 13 game winning streak. Despite how many cars were seemingly in the parking lot, the arena was less than half full. There were number 5 (Jason Kidd) and number 6 (Kenyon martin) jerseys everywhere. There were new people in the suite this time. I guess several people lease it. But it was really nice as usual.

Being a little more comfortable at the luxury box thing, I ate much more this time. I guess sinc I knew what I had waiting for me I didn't eat before hand. A couple of hot dogs, sure. A Heinken why not? And I know I made fun of Mike with his bowl of Mrs. Fields cookies, but I had one and it was so good and had two more. The NBA is so much different live than it is on TV. Its so fast, and they really entertain you during time outs. Just like at minor league baseball. Lots of hot cheerleaders, and a really cool mascot, Sly Fox. Though he's pretty cool, he's no Mr. Met (but really who is?)

One highlight was they had this guy taking three pointers to win some airline tickets. He had 30 seconds to shot three pointers and as many as he got in, he got that many balls to shoot from half court. And for most of the thirty seconds he shot airball after airball. He was being booed so bad. He made one, and thus got a shot from half court, which I predicted wouldn't reach the foul line, but he almost got it in. His prize was he was escorted off the field by one of the "power in motion" dancers.

The Nets took a commanding lead early in the third quarter, and held on despite a late surge, to beat the Toronto Raptors convincingly. When talking about the very dated name Raptors for Toronto's team I said "I don't know if they found remains of that fictional dinosaur there".

We had a really good time. But Dave and I always do. Not like Jason Williams and his buddies, but a god time none the less.

Danger Danger (High Voltage) - The Electric SixI've known about the Electric Six for a while, since the White Stripes Jack White sings on some of their songs. As we were leaving the arena Dave plays some of their songs, on his Ipod. So when I got home I stated "sharing" so Electric Six songs, and this one really caught my ear. Just imagine some sort of heavy metal disco. There was a crazy jazzier, harder Rckey Horror Picure show feel to it. And what's the really random part of the Internet, I downloaded two versions, one was the normal version that Dave had, and the other starts off with the first part of Ice Ice Baby, set to the Danger Danger music. Its actually not bad.

"To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal ... danger ! danger! HIGH VOLTAGE!" - Vanilla Ice/Electric Six

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